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What does the Squelch software do?
The Squelch software continuously monitors and gathers data from all of the sources customer-facing teams use, such as email, customer management and support solutions, team communication and collaboration tools, document storage services, etc. Connecting seamlessly with most SaaS-based applications — including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Box, Confluence, Jira, Exchange, and Google Drive — the platform creates a unified index, allowing you to quickly surface what’s needed and filter out what isn’t.
Is the Squelch solution designed for a particular type of professional or industry?
The Squelch solution was designed to empower customer-facing professionals within any industry, whether you’re a contact center agent or a customer success manager working alongside the sales team. If you help customers, we want to help you!
Can the Squelch platform help contact centers?
The Squelch platform can be used by anyone who is in the business of keeping customers happy. That includes any business size or structure from individual CS representatives working in-house to large support teams operating within external contact centers.
Are Squelch search results based on actual content or just filenames and metadata?
Search results returned within the Squelch software are based on actual content, which may include filename and metadata along with anything else that might be relevant to the specific query at hand. In other words, the platform is smart enough to "understand" a document.
Can the Squelch solution learn jargon?
Yes, the Squelch solution can learn specific lexicon or company-specific jargon either via explicit definition of synonyms or indirectly using machine learning and natural language processing. Similarly, the software does not need to know about your industry in advance; it will learn about both your industry and your specific organization by analyzing your content. In fact, the natural language processing capabilities are so powerful that they can adapt to any industry and enterprise.
Does the Squelch solution learn and improve over time?
Yes, the Squelch solution continuously learns about its users and their organizations. Some of this learning takes place behind the scenes using machine learning algorithms, while some comes from explicit user actions. For example, admins can provide the platform with context about their organization’s lexicon by defining synonyms and entities. Individual users can also give feedback about specific search results via thumbs up or down. All the while, the Squelch software automatically captures information about how useful results have been based on implicit behaviors. Over time, the platform uses this information to refine the data model, which leads to improved ranking for results as well as offering insights for better management of data rights.
What measures does Squelch take to keep data secure?
As with privacy, data security is of the utmost importance to Squelch. Any customer data accessed by the Squelch software continues to be in compliance with data governance standards in part because all source material remains in its original location. In addition, Squelch has completed SOC 2 compliance certification.
How does Squelch handle privacy?
Squelch takes privacy seriously. All existing service and file access rights and restrictions are recognized without requiring any additional permissions administration. Squelch is also certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.
My company needs to fulfill all obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union — can I work with Squelch?
Absolutely. Squelch is committed to the highest levels of security and privacy. Squelch acts as a processor, as defined under GDPR, when processing data from its customers. It offers all the required functionality to enable companies to meet GDPR requirements. Squelch’s detailed obligations and responsibilities are detailed in our Service Terms and Conditions and our Data Processing Addendum.
How easy is it to get started with the Squelch solution?
We pride ourselves on the speed and ease with which new users and organizations can begin using the Squelch solution. The low-friction install and out-of-the-box functionality combine to deliver ROI in less than a day.

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