Squelch software + your CX teams = a winning combination

The Squelch software allows support and success professionals to quickly and easily find the knowledge required to address customer issues and help them thrive. The solution also provides the insights needed by managers and executives to optimize the effectiveness of their team and the company’s CX efforts as a whole.

Enhances employee satisfaction

Helps CX professionals build confidence and pride by equipping them with speedy, relevant, context-rich intelligence.

Maximizes agent productivity

Ensures efficient allocation of resources by providing managers with analytics regarding their team and existing tools.

Deepens understanding of CX efforts

Enables executives to better understand the effectiveness of the company’s CX programs through customizable reports.

Increases customer satisfaction

Contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction by improving both the speed and accuracy of issue resolutions.

Boosts the business’s bottom line

Decreases costs due to improved employee productivity and increases revenue as a result of more renewals and upsells.

The Squelch platform is a powerful, comprehensive solution, yet is easy to install, maintain, and use.

  • 01

    Cloud-based software that connects to the entire agent ecosystem and stays updated

  • 02

    Squelch console and native integrations allow agents to work however suits them best

  • 03

    Powered by AI technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing

  • 04

    Built-in learning algorithms continue to adapt and provide ever-greater value over time

  • 05

    Low-friction install and out-of-the-box functionality deliver ROI almost immediately

  • 06

    Permissions are passed through natively without requiring any additional administration

Key product features

Relevant Insights
and Answers

The Squelch platform surfaces answers so that agents can better serve customers, enabling CX professionals to focus on building relationships and customer loyalty.

Robust Connections and

The Squelch solution connects with most SaaS applications. We also natively integrate with Salesforce and Zendesk to allow agents to harness the power of the Squelch platform from within their existing workspaces.

Detailed, Customizable

Squelch performance reports help managers to improve employee training. In-depth analytics also give stakeholders clarity on the ROI of CX efforts, contributing to reduced churn and increased renewals and upsells.

Privacy and security

Any data accessed by the Squelch software continues to be in compliance with data governance standards. All existing service and file access rights and restrictions are recognized without requiring any additional permissions handling.

Compliance certifications

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